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Do You Know Why Web Hosting Is Essential For Your Business?

18 March

The majority of people who start a blog are primarily concerned with content; they want to start publishing and developing a community as soon as possible. By doing so, they neglect to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their blog is secure, that they own it, and that it will remain in their hands for the foreseeable future. Your website host is accountable for maintaining that your blog runs at a fast enough speed to handle visitors and otherwise functions efficiently.

When you purchase a hosting plan, you are essentially purchasing space for your blog on one of the data center servers, where your digital data will be kept and maintained. The only way your blog remains secure and protected is to use web hosting.

When you put your blog's digital information in the hands of a web host, it's encrypted, monitored, and cared for by a highly qualified support team. We at iBuildsoft guarantee to provide the best web hosting services in the US.

What Are Blogs?

A blog is a website primarily focused on written content. You may discover blogs on almost any subject imaginable, from personal blogs to corporate blogs, and even blogs that are at the heart of large media companies. Quality blogs have served as the foundation for many successful internet businesses. A blog allows you to create an audience to whom you may sell items, services, or courses. You can convert a blog into an online brand with the correct web hosting bundle and content.

How does Web Hosting work?

Web hosting is best viewed as a storage and management service. Digital information does not merely exist on your computer when you establish a blog or a website. It's kept safe and secure by a web hosting service like iBuildsoft, which keeps your data safe and secure while keeping your blog or website up and running. Websites and the Internet as we know it would not exist without web hosting.

Which web hosting option to choose for your Blog?

You'll need a good web host behind you if you want your blog to be live on the internet (which is sort of the point). When you sign up for a hosting service, you're renting server space, where your site's data will be stored. With iBuildsoft, you can choose from a variety of hosting options, each of which has unique advantages. Choosing a web hosting plan will impact how safe your blog is, how fast it is, and which platforms you will have access to.


Linux is an operating system with its programming language, which you can use to create your blog or website. It is the most popular operating system for web hosting services. It's less expensive than other solutions and has a reputation for dependability and security. Without becoming too technical, it uses Perl, PHP, and MySQL as programming languages. These are open-source software languages that developers like because of their flexibility and low operating expenses. Linux provides tools for bloggers that make modification simple and allow you to interact creatively in the design process.


WordPress hosting is the best option if you're merely interested in blogging and don't plan on creating a full website. It was designed specifically for bloggers and includes numerous built-in features that enable you to personalize your page. If you choose a WordPress hosting plan, you'll find that the platform's features are extensive and can meet the demands of many types of bloggers, from newbies to seasoned pros. Unlimited disc space and bandwidth are included in the service, free domain registration, unlimited email accounts, free search engine marketing credits, and 24/7 support. WordPress-hosted blogs have access to a variety of popular hand-picked themes that are designed to make your site more visually appealing. Plugins that come pre-installed allow you to personalize your blog with additional features and functionality. iBuildsoft offers a custom control panel that simplifies accessing frequently used tools and streamlining blog creation.


When you're new to blogging, the best option might be a shared hosting plan. It requires little technical skills, is inexpensive, and provides a free SSL certificate. Your blog is stored on a server with other blogs and websites when you purchase a shared hosting package. On that server, all blogs and websites share the same pool of resources. Shared hosting is like relocating to a bustling, safe, and affordable neighborhood. Because everyone in the area contributes to the same set of resources, the price is reduced. However, just as in a busy neighborhood, there will be periods when traffic picks up, and everyone in the community will have to move a little slower until the traffic clears. The speed difference, on the other hand, is negligible. When you join up for an iBuildsoft shared hosting plan, you get unlimited website storage space, expandable bandwidth, at least 100 email addresses, and free software like WordPress (perfect for bloggers), among other things. You also receive unrestricted access to our customer service team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


VPS hosting is the next level up from shared hosting. When you purchase a VPS hosting package, you are effectively buying a mini-server within a bigger server. Bloggers who use a VPS plan have more privacy, more control over their virtual space, and are less influenced by traffic difficulties. You pay for a piece of the server that is entirely dedicated to you and your site. Bloggers that have outgrown or expect to outgrow their shared server should consider VPS hosting. On a shared server, if your blog starts to get a lot of traffic (say, over 5,000+ visitors per day), your website speed will suffer. A slow blog site can put your business at risk of losing customers who would otherwise engage with your content. iBuildsoft offers the best VPS hosting in the USA at an affordable cost. Choosing between shared or VPS hosting can be challenging, but know that the option to upgrade later is available.