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Salesforce Developers and QA

 iBuildsoft is one of the most reputed and leading companies in Texas that provides the best Salesforce Development and Quality Assurance Services to its clients. We have a long and proud history of working with Salesforce, and our many years of experience have allowed us to build up a comprehensive skillset when it comes to custom development.

Salesforce Developers:

iBuildsoft has a team of experienced Salesforce developers and consultants that can help you:

  • Address all requirements related to custom Salesforce application development or any other type of updates.

Wide Range of Development Services for Salesforce:

The term Salesforce refers to both the company that provides this software as a service and their suite of products including:

  • Sales Cloud – A flagship product, which provides sales automation functionality such as lead management, forecasting, pipeline tracking, quote preparation, and campaign management.
  • Service Cloud – A customer support tool with features including call center automation, knowledge base, and case tracking.
  • Chatter – A social networking tool that can be used with either of the other two products listed above or on its own as an internal collaboration tool for your organization.
  • Custom Apps

If you already have a team managing your Salesforce CRM

Or if you are looking for additional resources, we can help by either sending our experts or becoming an extension of your teams by working with them at your premises/offshore. You can also hire our Salesforce developers on a full-time basis to work at your office.

Extensive Experience in successfully implementing Salesforce for several companies.

  • iBuildsoft’s experienced team of Salesforce developers can help you in implementing custom Salesforce applications.
  • Salesforce Developers at iBuildsoft have experience in implementing various custom salesforce applications across the globe.
  • Our experience includes various industry sectors like Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Non-Profit, Professional Services, and Retail & Distributed Commerce domains.

Salesforce Quality Assurance:

Salesforce QA is different from traditional web/mobile application testing because it is integrated with the agile development process and all its components (requirements gathering, development, deployment, training, and support). It’s a continuous process that involves salesforce business analysts and developers. With Salesforce QA, you are assured of consistent delivery of quality products.

Importance of QA in Salesforce Development:

  • QA is an integral part of building solutions with Salesforce and should be involved throughout the process.
  • QA engineers must be involved in frequent code reviews, which test each change made by every member of your development team.
  • It ensures that your organization's efforts to unlock business value through technology are successful while also meeting user needs and expectations.

Focus Points of Salesforce QA by iBuildsoft:

  • Traditional Software Quality Assurance tests if the code performs in a manner that’s expected by developers or product owners while Salesforce Quality Assurance by iBuildsoft focuses on the quality of the application and how it meets the needs of users.
  • Salesforce QAs are integrated with the development process and all its components (requirements gathering, development, deployment, training, support).

Steps to be followed during Salesforce QA:

There are now several processes in place to ensure that the quality of all products is high, including:

  • A list of every feature for each product and its corresponding test cases
  • A list of every bug/issue and its corresponding status (open/closed)
  • A detailed report on what QA tests were run for each version of a product
  • The number of bugs found during testing and their corresponding severity
  • A test plan that all team members use to ensure consistency

Salesforce QA also needs to be closely integrated with business processes and customer experience management to ensure that both the developer and tester understand what is needed for them to be successful in their roles.

  • Salesforce QA is not just about testing but rather understanding how different aspects of the platform fit together into an overall solution for your customers or users.
  • Salesforce QAs can help you identify issues before they go live so that you can avoid costly fixes down the road.
  • Salesforce QA takes time and requires some planning, but it will help you identify issues before they go live so that you can avoid costly fixes down the road.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on making your business even better! For all of your, Salesforce Quality Assurance needs, get in touch with iBuildsoft today. Our team of experts will give you the QA you need to make sure that your business is exactly what you want it to be.