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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other question, please contact us.

It is true that no two customer projects are exactly alike, and ibuild Soft treats each customer project as unique. However, our team has completed enough projects to identify commonalities, which can assist us in pricing your project. This allows us to provide an estimate, which is always competitive, and a great value. Contact us for additional information via live chat or Contact details.

This also depends on the requirements established for your project. If you no longer require support from us, there will be no charge for this. However, fees may apply for items like ongoing hosting, service level agreements and domain name renewals.

You own your intellectual property. Here at ibuild Soft, we believe that it is your software, so you should own the IP! We guarantee all aspects of the project design and construction will be provided upon completion, and full code, copyrights and ownership will be the sole property of your company.

Once we agree to these terms, we sign a Service Level Agreement upon which the development work starts.

Waiting period depends upon the technology and no. of resources required for the project. Usually it is between 2-3 weeks.

Our business analyst can visit your office for the initial requirement gathering and familiarisation of your legacy application or business processes.

You will receive a email from our Business Development Team within 24 hours.

We get it — adding another line item to your business budget can be unnerving. But the truth is, handling your own tech issues is already costing you. That’s because your time is valuable. Could you be earning more money every day by doing what you do best — and letting ibuild Soft handle the rest? Contact us today to see what we can do for your business productivity — and your bottom line.

If you’re a current client and have a tech problem, you can call the main office number and speak with an engineer right away. You can also email our engineering team .If your issue arises after hours and you are a contracted customer, you can call the after-hours support line and an engineer will answer the phone (or call you right back if you leave a voicemail message).

Our pricing is based on a long term relationship aimed at giving maximum benefits to our customers.