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Attendance And Payroll

With the Ibuild Soft Time Control – a time and attendance system for tracking employee attendance and speed up payroll processing – businesses will resolve one major headache, which is punctuality of employees.

Human error is always a factor when processes are completed manually. Even when items from one system must be manually transferred or entered into another system, the propensity for errors exists. Linking time and attendance software to payroll processes virtually eliminates the possibility of errors, ensuring greater accuracy in employee compensation and labour tracking. Tracking time and attendance is critical for all organisations, no matter its size or the methods used to determine employee pay. Having an automated time and attendance tracking system in place can help organisations across all industries save money and improve operations. Finding the right software will mean that your HR department has the tools they need to effectively manage your staff.
Our leadership team is dedicated to making your search for the perfect HRS/HRMS system seamless and stress-free. The website is free for everyone to use and was designed to be easy-to-use, effective, and helpful.