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Services Details

Server Administration

Servers are the heart of any IT department, and with proper care and maintenance, they may last for decades. At iBuildsoft, we offer proactive administration programs to maintain your hardware and operating systems in prime condition. Not only does this extend the storage life, but it also improves the performance and stability of the network.

Support for Managed Servers

Because prevention is better than cure, we conduct a series of operations on your servers at predetermined intervals. Installing OS updates and patches, establishing firewalls and backups, and analyzing hardware performance and thresholds are all examples of these tasks. iBuildsoft may hand over servers to your in-house staff or continue to maintain and administer for you once they're finished.

We offer server management services, including:

  • Windows servers
  • Linux servers


Using an outsourced IT service allows you access to the best-trained and qualified IT professionals without paying for a full-time employee. You only pay for what you require, freeing up internal resources to focus on revenue-generating operations.

Let iBuildsoft help you with:

  • Your servers and network will get monitored 24 hours a day/week (monitoring your connectivity, event logs, disc space, and memory)
  • Security patch management and updating, temporary file deletion, and disc defragmentation are all part of routine desktop and server maintenance.
  • Performing daily backups and/or cloud management is highly recommended.

We take care of the costs and time it takes to keep IT professionals up to date on all the latest technology. Because you probably don't work in IT, you won't be able to keep up with what today's professionals need to know and what they will need to know in a year. But we do. So you can rest easy knowing that our employees are getting taught and updated to meet industry standards and needs.